Name length restricted to 50 characters

Lakshmana Prabhu Venkatesan 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Onno Stegeman 4 years ago 0

When trying to create a field definition name or classification name, I get an error saying, Invalid value is specified for name. This happens for example when I try to create a field with name more than 50 characters.

Can you expand the naming restriction limit to support large names ? Better if length restriction can grow dynamically and support larger strings as if there is no restriction.

Sometime business terminologies are large enough to complete the 50 limit.  This will make sure Adam fields and classifications can represent complex business terminologies.

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At Delaware consulting, I have ran into these issues as well. I managed to cope with this issue by using abbreviations for classification and field names.

By using the full name for the labels of the fields and classifications, the end user doesn't notice the abbreviations. That way I'm able to work around the issue.

I also encoutner this limit for my current client. Important information is encoded in the name so I can't use abbreviations sinces that would result in loss of data. Please extend the size.

@Onno Stegeman: Although I would also like the name to be longer, have you considered to move your "encoded info" from the name to the tag? That's usually what we try to do. That way your field name might fit into 50 characters.

@Nik: Thank you for your suggestion, that is exactly what we will do now, but it requires rewriting our current code :-(.  

Btw. I encoutner this issue with the NAME/KEY of an optionlist value.