show complete portrait thumbnails

Carl McIntyre 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

We have had clients commenting on the fact that images appear cropped in adam studios if they are oriented in portrait. For a number of people it is important that the thumbnail preview is completely representative of the image they are previewing, even at small scale. Its not easy to differentiate a detail shot from one that is a complete shot, as due to some being in portrait orientation adam is showing only the center of the image. In these cases, adam can make a preview image look like a detail shot.

Is it possible for you to change the behaviour of the OOB thumbnail control so it can handle the complete portrait thumbnail?


In the new Assets UX  (so applies only to the recently added pages) we changed the default behavior of the thumbnail. By default, the picture will be zoomed to fit the thumbnail area. This is done for cosmetic reasons. ADAM just looks better if all rectangles are filled area’s. Some databases will look better in the default option, some will not be useable in the default option, so we made it a setting.
This feature is documented as part of ADAM 5.3.

In the case you might prefer to scale the image so that it fits the boundaries of the thumbnail area, without being cropped or stretched.

You can choose how thumbnails are scaled by adding the ImageSizeMode property to the view element or (if it already exists) by changing the value of that property, e.g.
<add ID="mosaic"type="Adam.Web.AssetStudio.Displays.RecordMosaicDisplay, Adam.Web.AssetStudio"imageSizeMode="Contain" >

Possible values are:
• Cover: (default) the image is scaled to fill the thumbnail area completely. This ensures that the thumbnail area is completely filled by the image, but some parts of the image may be not visible.
• Contain: the image is scaled to fit completely inside the thumbnail area, without being stretched. This ensures that the image is fully visible.


In Products 4.1 (ucoming for release soon) the product image will be completely shown when hovering over a thumbnail.