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Nathan Milliren 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 13

We have an option list that has over 1000 options in it and we have set up a facet on this option list. I am not seeing a property for sorting the option list when using it as a facet so i would expect it to sort the list the same way as the options show up based on label. It looks that it randomly picks the order in the facets. 

If there could be a way to sort an option list in the facet that would be great especially when you have a list that is in the 1000's and the explicit items is not feasible.

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Hi Nathan,

Just thought before my comments. As you know, by default facets only display a value if there are assets associated with it. One has to explicitly configure Facets to show all the values regardless of any assets actually being associated.

If on the other hand, every option list value has at least one corresponding asset, then. maybe it is related to some system behavior we originally noticed in 4.7x.

We saw this behavior even before there were Space Facets. It may be possible that the sort order of the facet is actually pulled from the Option List Value's Name, rather than the Label. We saw this behavior as regarded Fields displayed when using the "Action on Fields" when setting up a Job. Perhaps it is a related issue.

I would be curious to know if you see a correlation between the actual Option Value Name as it relates to its corresponding "label" value.

good catch,


I worked on setting the sort index on the records from code behind and it looks like this does not help either.  The code for ADAM but not look at any of this information when determining the sort order for a facet and just randomly picks the order.

Just to add weight to the request, we regularly get staff who really, really want to see the facet values sorted in a logical manner, preferably alphabetically.


Hi Josh, Hi Nathan,

We are planning to make more facet sort options like alphabetical or by result count. I can't confirm the release yet, but thought it is already worth to know we are working on it.


Thanks so much for the update Ms. Petra, this is good to hear.

Hi Nathan,

I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you are describing for the option list facet on ADAM 5.3 - in this version we redesigned our facets.

Can you check whether you still have this on ADAM 5.3 or not, then i clearly say this is done or need to keep on looking. 




Hi Petra,

Currently we are only on 5.2.  I will see If i can build out a 5.3 version in an environment somewhere so i can check this for you.




From what we are seeing this is still not working with 5.3.1.  I have attached a screenshot of our facet list right now.  As you can see the items are not using the label and i have also run code on the back to put the sort order the same as the label with no luck.

Hi Nathan,

The facet sort order is not the same as the sort order of the classification tree. 

If you've set the sort order for your facet to 'label' in the facet configuration (see screen shot attached), and you are not getting the required behavior, then i would propose to log a support ticket about this.



Hi Petra,

I looked at what you put in your screenshot and validated in our system.  On a OptionlistField Facet the SortOrder option is not available.  This only shows for everything.

I had brought this up in a support ticket a while ago and was told this was not possible right now and to create a feature request.  The support ticket number is 6227

You can see my screenshot to see that the sortorder is not in the list.


Thank you



Hi Nathan,


Apparently you are right. All facets are sortable except for the optionlist facet.

I will look into what effort it takes to fix this and come back to you.

Sorry for the confusion.



Done - ADAM 5.5