Deselecting selected classification isn't possible in Assets/Records/Browse

Nik De Clercq 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

Let me first say that I'm very happy to see that selected filters are maintained while changing pages. It is something both customers and developers have requested more than once. So thanks for that.

Unfortunately there is a side effect with that. If you select a classification it doesn't seem possible to deselect the selected classification. You could work around by selecting a higher level classification, but once you have selected a top level classification, there's no going up a level.

So the request is: please provide some mechanism to deselect the selected classification.


Excellent suggestion. We have heard feedback from our users in this vein as well.


Hi Nick,


ADAM 5.3 will include a redesigned browse experience. One of the features is that you can select single or multiple select behavior for the classification tree. I made a small sneakpeak screenshot for you.

Kind regards,