Allow users to choose the main thumbnail of a collection

anonymous 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Josh Ellyson 4 years ago 0

Is there a way to change the large thumbnail of a collection when you open the collection page

How to reproduce:

1. Login to Assets
2. Select more than four images
3. Create a new collection
4. Go to the collection overview page
5. You will see the new collection with a large thumbnail, three small ones and a "+"

Is is possible to choose which image you want to display as a large thumbnail? I know that you can upload a new preview but in case you don't want to do that, I was wondering if you can set the image of the large thumbnail.


Matthias Vanhollebeke

UX configurability collections, content groups

Good idea. Any time one can provide strong visual cues to users working with a Collection, especially if it is large, could make the end-user experience that much more effective.