Sharing Collections to User Groups instead of single Users

Sascha Meyer zu Siederdissen 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 10

It would be nice if the Collections could be shared to a whole group instead the user having to select a set of users.

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Adding my two cents in... I warn you, this is a bit of my Collections wish list.

1. We have collections of assets that would be fantastic to share with the entire user base, for example, all of our basic brand logo files. When searching on our own brand, even within our Space for logos, users get more results than they need if just looking for our standard logos (black and white, color, two color, etc.).

2. We have users who frequently work with the same group of people, and share collections with them. Instead of having to select each person individually each time, they'd like to create a group of users (like a contact group in Outlook) that they could select each time they make a new collection. These groups should not have to be official user groups in the System studio or AD.

3. While I'm on the topic of Collections, it would be great to be able to make a collection and have the existence of the collection available to users without adding them to it. The user would then request access to the collection. Our use case is that my team catalogues the assets, and gets them into the system, but we don't necessarily know everyone who would benefit from a collection grouping. Our process now when we create Collections for the entire creative team is to add the managers to the Collection, and we leave it up to them to add their teams.

4. It would also be great to allow users with access to a Collection to subscribe to Collection update notifications. If subscribed (I can see various levels of notification), when certain triggers happen such as a record is added, a record is removed, or a record is modified, the user gets an email notification, or a pop up notification in ADAM.


If any of this is already possible, I'd love to hear about how to implement.

This has been raised by a number of clients who assumed they could assign rights to a group:

a) easier to do when this applies to a department/region etc

b) should be dynamic so when users get added/removed from group they get/lose access to the collection




Is there any update on when this would be available?

Thanks !

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+1 for this request. There needs to be a way for permissions for Collections to be assigned to groups, not individual users. Without that ability, the current implementation of Collections is not useful for my user base. The premise is that the permissions dynamically stay updated to a known subset of users.

We're currently forced to do everything in Spaces, which is fine, except the Collections area is blank. For new users, it's unclear what Collections should be used for and they suspect there's some sort of error.

Hi Petra, seeing the change in status to started only 2 months ago, and this item being in ADAM core, does that mean that we'll see this in a final final on-prem release? 

My team expressed their frustration with adding people to collections to me today (it had been a quiet topic for a while), and it's one small thing that would make a world of difference. The team loves how easy it is to share saved views with other users and user groups, and expect sharing collections to work the same way.

Hi Mary, we have no plans to backport this to the on-prem. This new feature is scheduled for the Aprimo DAM release.

Hi Petra, this is good news. Which release is this scheduled for?

This was released in SAAS a while ago.