Include prepopulation/pagination on adam ComboBox controls

Carl McIntyre 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

The ComboBox control doesn't show results from lists that are small, it shows "Search by name" when you click on the down arrow. Whilst it is accepted that for large lists, you wouldn't want it attempting to populate every option, it still relies on the user having some information about what is available; which doesn't always seem appropriate (see the screenshot showing the 'Select a watermark' dialog - would a user already know the name of watermarks that are available?).


Would it be possible to extend this control so that

*) if the underlying list is small - prepopulate with all options

*) if the underlying list is large - prepopulate with the first X options and provide pagination to see more items. 

customization UX

I think you might be able to create a custom control that will work like you want by overriding the SearchComboBox (or one of it's parent classes and according JavaScript classes).

Unfortunately that will probably not help you much. Problem is that you probably can't use any custom controls in the location you gave as example (select watermark). If this was a field control you could easily configure the studio to use your custom control. But since this is probably a place in the ADAM studio that doesn't allow much customization, you will have to do with what is there.

If you could tell me exactly where you that dialog pops up (what studio, what page, what action you clicked).

Or you can try convincing the great people @ ADAM to fix it  ;-)