Remove request restrictions to custom workflow plugin

Anastasia Fedorovich 6 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

Dear ADAM,

We see that we can have potential problems which associated with url length of the get request to workflow plugin that returns control content. The more assets are attached to workflow task the more get request length to Custom Workflow Studio/Workflow.plugin we will get. 
The "design" parameter grows depending on selected assets count, but browsers have limits ranging on the 2kb - 8kb.

We have extended the server side get request limitation from 2 to 16 mb. And this issue is reproduced on 655 assets in selection at the moment. It is limit that can affect users if we have to send more complex data to workflow plugin.

It will be good to remove this limitation in the next versions.

Thank you

request-uri too long.png
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