Hover tooltip on the mosaic and thumbnail views

Nathan Milliren 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by marta.rosso 4 years ago 3

In Adam 5 we have come across several instances where the title we are using on the records in the browse window is too long for the text field and makes it very difficult for a user to see what the file actually is.  Also we have users that want to look at multiple images in the mosaic view and see some additional information about the record.  

It would be nice to be able to mouse over a record in thumbnail or mosaic view and see the full title and possibly a couple fields similiar to the details page but shows in the mouse over/tooltip.

Assets UX assistance

You can cook your own display that looks like the mosaic view but is actually you own home grown view.

First you should check out the settings ".assetStudioSearchRecordDisplays" and ".assetStudioViewBasketRecordDisplays". Those settings define how records are shown in the Assets studio. Changing the value of these setting changes the way records are shown. You could use ADAM types, but also your own types that render differently from the ADAM types.

By creating your own Adam.Web.Extensions.UI.Controls.Displays.IDisplay (or inheriting one of the classes that implement IDisplay) you can create your own custom display that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Thank you Nik,

I may go down this road at some point if the business asks.  I was working with Adam support on this a little and they asked me to create a feature request for this because they thought it was a good use case that could be possibly added into OOB install.

I strongly agree, we also have long file names and some marketing agencies asked us for this hover over functionality! We would add some important fields as well as the file name. We would love to see this in OOB!