Use FileVersionId in PreviewAdder metadata to link correct record in AllItems

Peter Klören 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

Currently the PreviewAdder media engine is using the filename and crc to find the file to link to the indd file on cataloging. However, if in ADAM multiple records exist with exactly the same file (name + crc), the cataloging action will fail because the query returns more then one result.

Secondly, when you have two files with the same name in the folder, Drive will show them as "name.jpg" and "name_1.jpg". When the user drags "name_1.jpg" on the canvas, the cataloging action fails because "name_1.jpg" doesn't exist in the database.

Both situations occur when saving the indd file back to ADAM via Drive.

Please put the fileversion id in the previewadder XMP information and use this guid to link the AllItems. If the FileVersionId is not in the XMP, default to the old query using the name and crc.



Please note that the Previewadder plug-in has been replaced by an Indesign script named ADAM metadata extender. This was done in conjunction of the Summer 2016 (ADAM 5.6) release. The advantage of the script is that it is cross platform and less dependant on the ADOBE Indesign version.