Products: View/Edit templates based on priority of entity type option

Bart Theys 6 years ago in Products updated by Amber Penland 4 years ago 3

As long as each group of similar product records in Products (PIMS) are classified under their own "root" level category (with a custom view/edit template configured), there is no problem.  Eg. food and non-food view templates. 

But it becomes more difficult when you want to organize products under multiple classifications. I want to define classifications for publications or marketing campaigns: e.g. I want to make a classification where I bring different products together in a month folder for the monthly newsletter that is sent out to customers. The business user is forced to create "artificial" subclassifications structures per product group in the publication/campaign folder and make sure that he/she configures the exact same view/edit templates on them as in the main classification.

Otherwise, a search result results in different view/edit templates shown arbitrary per record When no explicit view template is set in the campaign classification, this will be the default PIMS view template. And a search result will sometimes use my "Food" template and sometimes use the "Default" template.

My suggestion is to have the ability to add a 'priority' in templates (Food template is preferred above default template) or better to have a kind of "entity type" on record level (e.g. set by a rule on classification) and have a configuration to map 'entity' type onto view template.

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Another acceptable solution would be that you can have classification with an 'empty' view/edit template. The rendering could then fall back to another classifications template.

UX meta-data configurability fields

We do have the same issues. I would also vote for the "typing" of products or even make the decision which template is used scriptable.

Same issue for us! Just having an option to "select a template per product record" would be perfect. Doesnt even need to be based on a classification...

This is a major pain point for us. We house different attributes based on the type of product, so each classification has a template with only the category-specific fields made visible. However, if a user searches for the item instead of drilling down through the org tree, then the template registered on the classification is no longer applied and the user ends up seeing a ton of fields that just say "Not Applicable." We would like to apply a template that permanently sits on a record, so that the view is consistent regardless of how the user came to view the record.

Is there any update on whether this is being considered for future releases?