Counters for actions

Andrei_Kashavy 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

Hi, dear developers. Recently i tried to implement feature that will increment field in case the file has been downloaded. I thought that would be not very difficult thing to do. But i was wrong. I couldn't find any tools to implement this. Maybe it would a good idea to give access to subscribe for such events. Or for instance, just store such info in some fields, like:

var count = record.Files.Master.DownloadCount;
API configurability notification

Out of the box this is not possible.

But using custom development via custom DownloadOrders or custom actions you will probably be able to change the field on the file that's being downloaded.

Doing this in a custom studio, will probably be possible. Doing this in the Assets studio, will be very hard and might prove impossible.