Easier working in Collaboration - avoiding stepping back to Assets

anonymous 6 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 0

Wouldn't it be logical and easy if one would be able to access files immediatly from the collaboration project.

  • Upload directly to Collaboration project
  • Download directly from Collaboration project
  • Upload new version directly from Collaboration project

If you now request a change, you need to search the file in Assets and start working from there ...


Customer question referring to this feature request:

  • I would like to upload a word doc document in the project. This document is the brief of the project, so I don’t want to upload it on the DAM section but only within the project.
  • Use case: some modifications have been requested for a file uploaded in a project. Then I would like to directly download the file from the project, edit it in CS, operate the changes and re-upload this file in the project. How can I do it ?