Configurable Collapsible Facet

Christoph De Herdt 6 years ago in Products updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

At the time there is a difference between the facet filters in a Space and the facet filters in Products. The main difference being that in a Space you are able to collapse a filter and in Products you are not. Since the configuration XML for all these filters are the same, this is rather confusing.

I would like to propose to make this behavior of collapsing facets configurable in the XML so you are able to create the same experience.

Hi Christophe,

The bad news is that in our recent versions of ADAM the faceting has been redesigned and we have taken out the collapsing of the facets.

The good news is that the facet config has already become much more user friendly than before and the changes which are done in ADAM 5.3 are only a beginning... We have planned more work on facets in conjunction with enterprise search work in the upcoming quarters. During this upcoming change we will also focus on getting similar behavior in Assets and Products.

So without being able, at this point in time, to really confirm the possibility to collapse facets in both Assets and Products, permit me to put this one on 'planned' for now.





Hi, this is available as part of the Products upgrade with ADAM 5.6, aka Summer 2016.