Better support for uploading new versions of an existing file

Stefaan Van de Winkel 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Bart Theys 3 years ago 4

ADAM 5 offers a great new feature for uploading files, but this cannot be used when uploading new versions. I'm OK with the approach being different, but the backend logic which handles the file upload should be the same & have the same benifits. This will allow us to upload new versions of large files via the Web Interface, without fiddling with timeout configuration. 

versioning upload

Please also generalilze this for the 'add files' on a records (next to the master file) and the upload additional files on a file version functionality.


In Spring 2017 (ADAM 5.9) we will provide you with a better behavior by allowing you to add versions to a record residing in the myuploads area. Its not the most elegant solution, but it is what we could deliver in a short timeframe.

Essentially, I think it is a good solution as this solution makes sure that upload of new files (original, new versions, additional files) happen via a consistent mechanism. It does indeed conflict a bit with the the fact that during this upload, a hidden (new) asset is created in the system. Still, I think that the above solution, on the long run, could be used to extend the action menu of the view uploads screen to show more actions to the businness users (make uploaded file available as new asset, attach as new version to existing record, attach as new file, attach as additonal file on current version of a record,...)