Allow usage of references in html fields

Bart Theys 6 years ago in Products updated 4 years ago 0

References are a very nice feature when ADAM is presented. But the customer gets disappointed when it becomes clear that those references can not be used in html fields.
Eg. In Adam Products, product specifications are usually entered in separate fields (eg. to be used as filters)
Addtionaliy, one could add a description field 'Spec Summary' to summarize some of the most relevant specifications in a short text. The text can contain several references then. It is then more easy to just use this single field in print or on the website.

The value of the field 'spec summary' could then look like:

Summary of Specifications:
- One of our most popular products!
- Height = <ref:record fieldName="Height" out="value"/>
- Width = <ref:record fieldName="Width" out="value"/>
- Color = <ref:record fieldName="Color" out="value"/>

Unfortunately, Adam does not allow to use references in a html field. In my opinion, the real strength of field references would exist in being able to use them in rich text fields. Is there any chance to have such functionality available in the near future?


meta-data fields


Is it possible to support a preview on resolved references in Products Studio?
In Assets you can (at least in edit mode) select 'View Resolved References...' by using the little dropdown next to the field label.
Even better would be to be able to switch in view mode between a resolved and non-resolved references view.
But in Products even the dropdown in edit mode is not present. The user has by consequence no ability to see if the reference syntax was correct, and how it would look after being resolved.