Download during asset check in\check out

Anastasia Fedorovich 6 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Josh Ellyson 4 years ago 0

When user does check out, a file download starts automatically. Please add possibility to disable the automatic download. It will be good if  file just was marked as checked out.


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Assets versioning configurability

Hi Anastasia,

You could today make a custom action on the record which allows to check-out the record without a download.

However, i would like to understand the business case more. We tend to link a check-out always to an activity of performing work to the file, this is why the default behavior is including a download. Can you elaborate a bit on the use case? Why would you check-out a file without downloading it?





Hi Petra,

Our customer want to have this functionality and reason is the following: upon check out of asset when attempting to check-in new, updated version of asset — old version is immediately and automatically downloaded locally. It could result in mistakenly re-uploading/check-in in outdated asset version and messing up version numbers inside ADAM.

Hi Anastasia,


Thanks for elaborating. I understand the use case now.

We have work planned on versioning later this year. I will see if we can do something about this behavior.


Hi Petra & Anastasia,

For what it is worth, we can concur with the business case for this capability. Additionally though, the ability to "check out" the record without download can be used to simply lock the file to prevent versioning to occur during some kind of lock-down state in the WIP. I should also note, that the current behavior is different based upon browser as well. For instance, Chrome is immediate, and FireFox provides a prompt as to what to do with the download. Our staff use FFX to address the issue.