As a customer of Adam I want to have available the dimensions of an image without extracting XMP metadata

Theo Jager 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

As a user of a leading DAM system where lots of images are stored I expect that this system should supply the dimensions (width/height) of those images by default.
Currently that seems to be only possible by parsing XMP data stored in the image and saving the dimensions in custom fields, but this wouldn't be necessary if during the import/upload of a file the dimensions are read or calculated and stored in Adam width/height fields automatically. Of course the Adam API should support these fields, preferably with at least a units parameter.

content types meta-data

Hi Theo,

I presume what you really want is that ADAM has a set of default fields out-of-box to show the file dimensions. Since we will have to retrieve it from the file with a media engine anyway. Whether that's through XMP or as an invisible process.

We do have plans to support meta-data fields for file types more out-of-box in the future.

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