Maintenance job limitations for "classify in" parameter

Anastasia Fedorovich 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

Dear Adam Support,

The number of results is indeed limited to 10 for "classify in" parameter during the maintenance job creation.

As result the user does not see all search results.

For more details please look at request (https://support.adamsoftware.net/requests/7825) .



configurability maintenance

Some customers of Delaware have also been complaining about this. The only way to fix this is to write a custom component, but customers are not too happy about the cost of such a customization.

We have the same not user friendly behavior for Indexers configuration: parameter "classify in" in project for The Home Deport. So it is a real problem for configuration of indexer and maintenance jobs for administrator from customer side. We actually use the API for solving this issue, but it is not acceptable for customers.

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