Table tblRECORDFIELDHISTORY auto cleaning

Aliaksei Piatrushenka 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Wouter Demuynck 4 years ago 0

Currently there is no mechanism or setting foreseen to clean automatically table tblRECORDFIELDHISTORY which store history forever causing huge Disc Usage on DB server as well as performance issues. It would be great to have setting inside ADAM to specify time to keep history in the table (e.g. default = 180 days). It should work the same as existing setting timeToKeepMaintenanceHistory.

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Related support request: https://support.adamsoftware.net/requests/7935.

Good suggestion, but nonetheless a little elaboration on the topic.

The "Log all changes" setting on field definitions is regarded as "I purposefully want to store all previous field values for auditing purposes" therefore ADAM regards this as critical data that needs to be kept at all cost. However, it is reasonable to assume that this data will expire after some period of time in some use cases; so the feature request is totally valid.

However, when we would implement this, we will set the default setting to "infinite" (= all data is kept forever) so as not to break behavior.

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