Consistent filtering for search results

Graham Hilliard 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Amber Penland 3 years ago 3

When using multiple Text filters, filtered results meet all filters. The equivalent of TextFilter1 AND TextFilter1

When using Classification filters, filtered results meet any filters. The equivalent of ClassFilter1 OR ClassFilter2

This is especially confusing when combining the the filters or using classification labels in a text filter

Suggest the filtering approaches are either brought in line, or there is an option to control which approach is used for the classification and text filtering


Assets search facets

Actually, I think the behaviour for filter values is always "OR" (e.g. see optionlist filter), while the behaviour between filters is "AND". The above example of textfilters are two separate filters, while you refer to 2 values in one classification filter. So, you could add two separate classifications filters (for different sub-branches) and you will notice the AND behaviour.

But I do agree that a classification filter is a special type and should support AND behaviour between values in the same filter. For example, the the below screenshot filter confusing for the end user: he/she just want to filter on all asset that came from a certain supplier AND are classified as product photo.

My suggestion is to have the option to choose between the AND and OR behaviour for a classification filter (either behind the 'options' link, or preferably in the facet filter configuration section).



Screenshot was not uploaded well...

Several of our users have recently brought this to our attention and are unhappy with the current functionality. One would think that adding any number of text filters or selecting any number of classifications would cumulatively limit the number of returned records. 

That is what I understand from the user guide: 

"The Filter function in ADAM Assets is multi-faceted and cumulative, allowing you to filter on text, classifications or a combination of text and classifications. For each filter you apply ADAM will reduce the total number of records in the overview, so that only records that match the specified filters are shown."  

We just opened a case with Aprimo Support to investigate because this behavior is not as expected (or what we understand from the user guide). I thought it was a bug.

Have you found any way to compensate for this behavior to help your users more easily locate what they need?

Has there been any movement on this request?