Check-In / Check-Out on Products

Stefaan Van de Winkel 5 years ago in Products updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 5

PIM should contain check-in / check-out functionality to help users collaborate easier. Now users block each other when they edit the same product in the same time span. Even if these are different roles which are adjusting different fields.

PIM should have some way of indicating that a user is in the process of editing a product. This will prevent a second user from losing his or her work when trying to save.


The above question about indication of 'editing is process' is a solution for the problem of losing work when you try to save. But it does not solve another problem (that occurs more often): while one person is in process of editing and another one is in the proces of  using that data. Today, when you publish your products to a live system (website, print, excel export), eg. via a custom maintenance job on a selection of products, you risk to have published work-in-progress of somebody else.

I would like to extend this request to a concept of having a 'staging' version and a 'live' version on every product.
It would be nice to have a 'sync' action (on product level, on classification level, on search result level,...) that synchronizes the live version of the record with the staging version). The live version is actually  'hidden' and cannot be modified via the UI, but is a copy of the staging version. The  'live' versions are used to expose to the outside world. As soon as somebody starts to modify data on a record, the staging records get 'dirty' shown by an indicator (eg. red icon instead of green icon). The classifications show a similar indication if they contain at least one product that is out of sync.

Checkout-Checkin not more that taking an 'exclusive' lock on a staging version of the product.


We have it on our roadmap to support versioning on product data, which should include check-in, check-out on content, but also being to handle an intermediate state for product data which hasn't been approved yet.

That is very good news,
Thank you.

The need for this functionality is now even greater with the integration of the PRODUCTS into Workflow.