Possibility to load or not to load facets and results in a space when the user is accessing the space the first time

Filip Develter 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

When a space refers to a classification holding a very large amount of records, it will take tremendous time and performance to load everything before the user can interact. In this case loading all that data is totally unnecessary because the user will first make a initial selection  (assetstudio behavior) before expecting any results to come up. Example: Select a brand classification and filter on content of that specific brand. If the customer want's to have facet search in Adam across all brands, they are obliged to create a space on the brands classification.

Adding a setting (or property) to the space configuration that allows to load/ or not to load facet filters and data (except for the classification tree) would solve the issue.

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Performance issues like this should be fixed with 5.5 and enterprise search.

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