Possibility to add encryption certificate into the relying party trust

anonymous 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2


When you are configuring claims within ADAM, you need to fill out a relying party trust (https://servername/adfs/ls). This is working fine when you only use a claims certificate (which is mandatory) but as soon as you add an encryption certificate in the relying party trust configuration, the authentication to ADAM will fail.


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We have decided not to encrypt the token because when using HTTPS the ADFS token is already encrypted by HTTPS. Adding encryption on our side would result in encrypting the token 2 times. There is no use in encrypting twice and, additionally, that has bad impact on performance.


The possibility to decrypt encrypted claims tokens has been implemented in ADAM 5.5.1.

In case this doesn't cover what your request intended. Please reply including more details. Thanks.