Allow configuration of spaces on user group level

Peter Klören 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 5

Since 5.3 we no longer can configure spaces on the user group level, only on system level. Spaces are hidden when no assets can be found based on the users permission.


We need to be able to configure spaces on user group level as we want to present different sets of spaces to different user groups, independent of the fact that a user could find assets in a space or not. Hiding spaces when there is nothing to show would give support questions "where did my spaces go". Better would be to show the number of records in the space on the Spaces landing page.



UX collections, content groups

I agree about the level of control on spaces. This has been raised by more than one client.

I would prefer to be able to assign a permission to a space so that users/groups can then be granted/denied that permission. This would give much more flexibility over the visibility of spaces to users

I think that Graham has a point… and then if you have the same UI for creating spaces on site level as you now only have on system level you could add that permission matrix also.


The new UI will allow to define spaces on roles.

This question is about the spaces in Asset Studio (predefined spaced) and not about the user specific spaces in  the new Consumer UI. 

I understand that the new UI will have a similar concept for spaces. But afaik, this UI will be only available for 'consumer' UI. The issue mentioned above is about assets managers that would see different spaces (eg. depending on their country or division). 

Today, Asset Studio allows  to show relevant spaces as widgets on the home page per user role. Unfortunately, we can not avoid the user to click the spaces button and see all availalbe spaces in the system.