New record condition to respond to Publish event from View uploads page

Peter Klören 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Graham Hilliard 4 years ago 0

When a record is uploaded via the bulk upload page, you can opt for "save as draft" or "publish". When you first press "publish" events are triggered and you can respond to the update of the record.

However, when you use "save as draft" first and then use "publish", the event is triggered only on the "Save as draft" and no event is fired on "publish".

Please add a rule condition that gets triggered every time the "publish" button is used on a record.

API upload rules

I have been looking into this for some issues we have with a current project

I set up some tests using the following rule conditions: File Added, Object Created, Object Changed

I checked which rules were fired on the following events: Upload File, Save as Draft, Make Public after Save as Draft, Make Public without Save as Draft

The only rule that was fired was the Object Changed. This happened on: Save as Draft, Make Public after Save as Draft, Make Public without Save as Draft 

A point to note. when deleting an asset the ObjectChanged event also fired!

From a logical point of view, I would expect the Object Created and File Added events to fire on Make Public. Surely that is the time when the asset is logically added ADAM. At the moment if we have Object Created and File Added rules, assets are handled differently if they are added via Indexer, Create Record or Make Public. This cannot be right. Also this needs to be documented clearly so we know what to expect

We are having to create custom FileAdded and Object Created rule conditions to get round this. These are not long term solutions as future version may cause problems