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Last week I tried out Adam on Azure. I purchased a new instance through the Azure Marketplace. Here are some suggestions based on my experience:

  • It would be handy to be able to do more configuration during the purchasing process, for example:

    • Choose which studios to install.

    • Choose in which ‘virtual network’ you want the VM. Moving VM’s to other networks is cumbersome on Azure.

    • Better names for the storage accounts (instead of something like “adamtestinstance04i8f2s8” ;))

    • Allow usage of separate database server. Maybe even an existing one?

  • On the installed instance it would be nice to have a url redirect from “/” to “/central” out of the box, so that browsing to http://yourinstance.cloudapp.net/ redirects you to the central studio and the adam login page.

  • Is there some documentation available on how to setup an Adam instance through the Azure market? I ran into the following issues, which probably could be clarified with some documentation:

    • I wasn’t able to login as Administrator after the installation. I had to do a password reset first. Maybe it would be handy to be able to configure the Administrator password during purchase or have some documentation explaining which is the default Administator password.

    • What is the masterkey that is used to create the databases?


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