Videos Studio - BrightCove Channel "Replace Media" functionality

Josh Ellyson 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 3

Hello ADAM

Within the BrightCove UI a user can replace an existing video to a newer edition so that it does not disturb the video's unique ID or metadata configuration (similar to what can be done to an ADAM record).

We need the Video Studio BrightCove Channel functionality to include this feature, so that if an ADAM video record is revised with a new version, we can republish to BrightCove to perform that "replace" function within BrightCove.

Inquiry to BrightCove indicates that this is part of their API, and further information on this "replace" function was provide by BrightCove and can be found at the following URL. It is what they call "Re-Transcoding Existing Videos using FTP Batch Provisioning".

Here is their reference page which explains this in a great deal of depth:

thanks much

josh ellyson


video channel or touchpoint extension

Hi Josh, we are currently in the process of creating an extension for Brightcove publishing from the DAM. We are taking user feedback like this into account. It is not yet clear what will be covered in the extension or not, but in case this wouldn't be covered, at least you could adapt it yourself since extensions are opensource.