Collection Management: Send an email notification to the individual(s) added to a collection

Diana Fournier 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Mary Mcmahon 4 years ago 0

Include a hyperlink to the new collection.

UX notification collections, content groups

We've had this question a lot lately--- in order to prevent people from getting email notifications all of the time, it would be great if this could be an option, not an automatic feature. For example, the creator or modifier of the collection would check a box that says notify all users of the collection, or they can check a box next to each user. Another way to handle this could be from the end user perspective-- such as "notify me when I am given access to a collection" or "notify me when a record is added/removed from a collection I have access to or own." There's a lot of variation that can be done with this topic.