Collection Management: Changing Owners of a collection

Diana Fournier 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Amber Penland 4 years ago 3

Please allow the "owner" of a collection to be changed to another user.  This can be a system admin function or even better would be to allow the original owner to choose "Reassign collection to someone else" and choose a user in the system to change it to.

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Hi Diana,

Would you mind elaborating a bit on the use case? How do you use the collection and why would you reassign it?


While I can't speak for Diana, I can share a use case:

If an employee has created a collection and leaves the company, we'd like to be able to assign a new owner to the collection who would be able to manage it (complete with permissions to delete the collection).

If an employee has created a collection and then assumes a new role within the company where he no longer needs access to the collection (but others do), we'd like to be able to assign a new owner to the collection, and remove the original owner from the users who can read it.


I agree and have received this request from our users on several occasions.

As Mary indicated, one primary purpose is to be able to reassign a collection after an employee has left the company or switched positions.

We have also experienced where a manger creates a collection as the starting point for an assignment or project. The manger will share the collection with the assigned project lead and other relevant users. In these cases, the manger wants to be able to make the project lead the owner of the collection, so that that person can control changes to the collection as needed throughout the course of the project. In these instances, it also helps keep the managers' collection lists clean by allowing them to lose visibility to the collections they have passed on, so there are fewer to filter through.