Support for using reference code in maintenance jobs

Nik De Clercq 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

In ADAM 4 it was possible to create a maintenance job wit an overwrite field action. In ADAM 5 this is still possible, but in 4 it was also possible to use reference code as a value. Although the API still supports this, the ADAM 5 UI doesn't.

I don't think a lot of users can profit from this, but for administrators and developers this is useful.

This feature is particularly useful when we change field definitions but can't because the ADAM API doesn't allow that kind of change (changing language mode or field type). We then temporarily rename the original field, create a new field and push the data from the old field to the new field. After all jobs have been ran successfully we delete the original field.

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