ability to control whether a language is editable or view only in Record/Product/Aspect workflow blocks

Carl McIntyre 5 years ago in Workflow updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

I've had requirements for translation processes which mean we need to prevent the modification of the 'master' language when adding a translation for it.

So lets say I have a marketing copy for which a regional user creates aspect A, and puts in Field A the text "I need translating". It may be that the person who is responsible for creating the aspect in the first place in the master language also has responsibility for providing a translation (think European region users who speak English, French and Dutch). We would set this up as a Create marketing copy process where the regional user goes through the process of making new marketing copy, which then goes through a set of approvals by legal and regulatory teams. Then we have a translation process where the SAME user will provide a french translation (and the copy then goes through another set of approvals by legal and regulatory teams).

The reason for separating the processes is that its possible the regional user needs help from another user or an external agency to provide the translated text.

Within this process, we wouldn't want the regional user or the external translator from being able to change the master language as this has already been through the approvals. The translation process may not route the approvals to the same people that approved the master language. 

Therefore we need a way to prevent the user from editing the master language in this process. Currently we don't have a reliable way of handling this through validation or field/language rights Could we have the ability to make a language un-editable in the workflow block UI when we specify which languages to work with?

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Hi Carl,

You can only "disable" a language in a "translate record" task. The record/product/aspect task interfaces only support what the respective studios support more info on "translate record": http://doc.adamsoftware.net/OnlineDocs/Workflow/2.1/Workflow%20Help/WorkflowHelp.htm#DesignTemplates/ManualActivities.htm#Translat
this activity was created with the sole purpose of translation use cases.

Can you check if this helps you?

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