Configure the order of panels on asset view/edit asset view

Anastasia Fedorovich 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Graham Hilliard 4 years ago 0

Dear ADAM team,

Many of our clients request the specific custom order of panels for asset read/edit view. For example, some clients want to set the first "select classification" panel, others - upload panel. Configuration for all panels on these pages will be very useful.

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Assets UX configurability

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to add that it was important for one of our customers as well. It would be really useful.

Thank you.

It would also be useful to have the option of hiding empty panels. For example many clients like to display record fields by field group each group being displayed in a separate panel. But in those situation, panels can sometimes contain no fields due to the context e.g. there would be no image data fields for a document.

It would be good if these panels could be hidden as they are empty and sometimes out of context