Add facial recognition to ADAM

Maja Pejcic 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 1


My clients suggested that they would like to see facial recognition feature added in ADAM. They are a large company with thousands of employees and contributors, they need to keep track of employees represented in digital assets and currently their cataloges are working hard to manually provide metadata about people in assets. With a facial recognition feature if the person is tagged once (for example in their company orientation badge photo) then they will be identified in every photo that is already in the system and that will be added to the system. This will drastically reduce workload of catalogers. This type of feature could be beneficial for any large client with a lot of employees who need information about people represented in their assets.


meta-data extension

We will adding functionality to Aprimo DAM based on Aprimo AI which will allow you to search for similar faces. This is not exactly what you ask, because we will not be identifying the face, but search-wise you will be able to find other content matching the face(s) on the source images and you could bulk tag them then, as bulk tagging (adding or removing a tag) is also being worked on to release.