Have a power user screen to execute some common console tasks

Bart Theys 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

Several tasks require a user to login to the Adam server machine via remote desktop remote and run a console application. E.g.when changing a field search setting (e.g. make field searchable) or when making changes to inheritance behaviour of fields in PIMS.
There is in my opinion a difference beteween real technical administrative tasks executed by the Adam Partner (e.g. commandline for createdatabase etc.) and business administrative tasks. It is very hard to explain to our customers, that they cannot change a field to be 'searchable' without having remote desktop access (and registration details) to the Adam server.
An administration screen would be appreciated that allows our clients power users to trigger such taks (and yes, we as partners will trainthe client about the impact of running those tasks during the day...). In guess by now every Adam partner has build their own administration screen (e.g. to force updateschema, force run maintenancejobs, force rebuild FTE,...). Given the current move to Azure, it would be nice to have this out-of-the box and have the need for remote desktop access for business users removed completely.


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