Create client object model for REST API

Peter Klören 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by O. B. 4 years ago 0

Please create a C# client object model for use with the REST API, else all partners need to build this model themselves.

API customization

Yes, this would be quite helpful. This topic was raised at the Adam 5.5 training (yesterday) and I fully support it.


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Kenneth Egholm

Could also encapsulate the REST calls into a client object. This would automate the process of setting up the headers etc. Again it is likely that partners will do this anyway for ease of use

The question to provide client libraries for C# is a valid question for sure. However at the moment our priorities go towards making sure that we have all of the necessary APIs exposed through REST in a way that they can be consumed by all platforms. We don’t have anything planned short term to provide client libraries, but customers and partners who feel that this is a very strong requirement should definitely communicate this to us so that we can take this information with us when deciding future priorities. This feature request would be the ideal place for that!

Hands up :) Would be really helpful and would make it a lot easier to standardize..