RebuildSearchIndex queuing from command line

Peter Klören 5 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

If you launch rebuilding the index from the UI in ADAM 5.5, you have the option to create a shadow index or drop / create. When you start the job with the shadow option, you can still use the system as there is an active index available.

The Adam.Core.Commandline.exe utility is waiting on the completion of the rebuild in both situations: drop/create or shadow. We noticed that rebuilding an index with 150k records (and a lot of classifications) can take 20 minutes.

As we are using automatic deployments, this means that the deployment script will wait for this time to complete. All this time the system is not available to end users.

I would like to have this option available in the command line so it will queue the rebuild and return immediately when the "shadow" option is selected while the rebuild is running in the background.

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Hey Peter,

Thanks for the request. Just as a side note, I was wondering if starting your command line in the background and redirecting the standard input to a log file would be a good workaround for you? In Windows this is typically done with the START command and redirecting output is typically done with the > operator..

For example: 

START /B adam.core.commandline.exe > log.txt

Just a thought,


START /B program > somefile.txt