["Workflow "studio] Make bulk edit of tasks not per-page

Natallia Kazlova 5 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

We faced with not evident behavior during bulk editing of tasks.

DESCRIPTION: selections are cleaned after moving between pages using paging.

Precondition: User is on "View all tasks" page. 
1. Open "Displayas " drop down. 
2. Select "Bulk edit" value. 
3. Check several items. 
4. Go to the next page. 
5. Return back. 
6. Pay attention on selected before items. 
ACTUAL RESULT: Selections are cleaned.
EXPECTED RESULT: Check boxes should not be unchecked during moving to pages.

For more details please look at request  (https://support.adamsoftware.net/requests/9151).

Thank you in advance, Natallia.

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