End user should only able to see one or some parts of the classification tree

Hoa Huynh 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

Many users who only be granted permission and work on some sub-classifications. But in Asset studio, the browser still shows the classification tree from the root. So the users have to see and go through the tree from the root. I think it will be more convenience if only show what the user need.


Assets UX configurability

You can limit the user's view on the classification tree to one branch, by specifying the root classification of that branch in the user's .classificationTreeRootNodeIdentifier setting. This is only helpful if all the classifications that the user needs are in one single branch, of course.

Setting this root classification will restrict the user's view on classifications to that particular branch of the classification tree, both in ADAM Assets  and in ADAM System (e.g. in Classification Management, Indexers, etc...). You can also specify a limiting root classification on Site level and on User level.

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Siska Moens

Thanks for your reply...

I just tried to configure as your guide and found an issue: If a user belongs to 2 user groups which were configured with difference root nodes. Then the user can see o only content of one of the two roots. Seem Adam has not handle this case.


Hoa Huynh