Add a clear message for user in case when two users edit the same asset (concurrency issue)

Aliaksei Valko 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

Dear ADAM Team,

Could you please improve error message for end user in the following case:

1. In the first browser session (User1) is logged into the system
2. In the second browser session (User2) is logged into the system
3. (Record_A) available for two users exists

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open (Record_A) for editing by (User_1)
2. Change title, DO NOT save
3. Open (Record_A) for editing by (User_2)
4. Change title, save
5. Save changes as (User1)

Expected result: warning that record is update by another user should be shown, changes should not be saved
Actual result: error occurs: 'An error occurred performing this operation. Please contact your administrator. The error can be identified with id ebceee05-42a4-4287-a5e5-b4c2904edc41.'

Currently it is not very friendly for user because he\she gets an error message instead of message about concurrency with another editor.

http://support.adamsoftware.net/requests/9295 - It was described here as well.

Thank you.


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