System>User/User Group>Permissions: remove the option 'Apply to all permissions', or make it reliable

Theo Jager 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

The current implementation will apply Grant permissions on all roles without any warning. Potentially this is a very dangerous option.
It can destroy a carefully organized permissions setup in a split second, without the option to cancel or recover it. Given that fact, it should not be possible to use this function without a warning or a confirmation dialog. So, actually the option should not be available anymore unless it will be made fool proof and get extended functionality.

IMO the option can be functional if it can be applied not only for Granted but also for None and Denied permissions, and only for a selection of roles. An appropriate confirmation like 'Apply Deny permissions to the selected roles' should be displayed

Besides, the option should be documented as well, currently no documentation at all is available.

Apply to all permissions.png
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