Update Tags property in Brightcove from Videos Studio

Graham Hilliard 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 5

Currently Videos Studio enables data such as Title, Description and Tags to be specified for packages and publications

However, when publishing to Brightcove, only Title and Description are populated and the Tags property in Brightcove is left empty

This is something that a current client is very keen on. Can we get this added to the publication process?




video channel or touchpoint extension

Hi Graham,

We have plans to opensource the Brightcove connector. I cannot confirm delivery of this yet, but then you will be able to modify this.

Kind regards,



Hi Petra,

Thanks for update.

We have done this via the BC API for now, but it is good to know about the open sourcing



We're working on the extensionizing of the Brightcove publishing right now. The extension will work from the DAM and will push more meta-data like tags. But since this is an extension, feel free to extend it later.