Search by file-file type dependent fields

Yuliya Balyka 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Dieter De Doncker 4 years ago 0

Dear ADAM support team,

It will be great to have ability to search by file-file type dependent fields. Also we want to have ability to add this fields to facets.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Yulia

Searching is actually supported with operator search. Having a file-file type dependent field "Height" e.g., you can search on it with the expression "file.height>400".

Problem with facets is that a record can contain multiple files, and ADAM always displays records and not files. 



Hi Dieter,

Thank you for clarifying about searching. But we still have question about facets.

Search returns also records and not files. So maybe it some how possible to add file-file type dependent field to facets. We need actually find by facets not files, but records with files, which satisfy the condition.

Yes, indeed, there's a need for facets on file file-type dependent fields in order to filter records based on metadata of their files. Right now, that's not possible.