Make wildcard search possible in ADAM5.5+

ADAM Partner 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Mary Mcmahon 4 years ago 0

Wildcard search, as a suffix, in ADAM5.5+ is not possible unlike the lower versions. We would like to see this feature back in the future release.

There is a workaround using partialpattern searching, but that is only suitable for text field with some other limitations:

  <add pattern="^.{0,4}" minngram="4" maxngram="4" testValue="12345678901234567890" fields="FLD_PRODUCTNUMBER_TEXT" />
  <add pattern="^.{0,5}" minngram="5" maxngram="5" testValue="12345678901234567890" fields="FLD_PRODUCTNUMBER_TEXT" />

UX search

Dear Mr. ADAM Partner,

Our overall strategy is to offer search behavior which accomodates also the novice users. Novice users tend not to know or understand wildcards, therefore we try to solve search challenges without wildcards. That doesn't mean your particular use case should not be supported. But we need to understand the use case in order to provide a solution which will also work for novice users. So please, can I invite you to clearly outline the business use case you are trying to solve which cannot be solved with the current functionality.





Dear Petra,

Dear Petra,

I find the term "novice users" a wide concept. I believe every user is a "novice user" unless they have had certified ADAM training. But the same non-technical/novice users can do magic with Excel, SAP and Google. Especially with the data they are specialized in; product data stored in ADAM. Same applies also for search operators within ADAM. That is also very complex for a novice (even for an ADAM expert), but once explained business users learn how to use it.

Having said that, the business case is like this...

There are some numeric attributes with logical meanings. For example a productnumber contains 8-10 digits. First 2 digits do correspondent with a certain division and the other 2 digits belongs a certain department etc etc.. Now a product manager from a certain department want to get an overview of his products, in < v5.5 he used to search for "1122*". This would give him overview of all of his products. In 5.5 this is no longer possible.


ADAM Partner

It looks as though the problem is not with partial patterns, but with the limitation of partial patterns to text fields. Expanding partial pattern functionality to include numeric fields would allow the product manager in the use case above to be able to see the overview of his products again.