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ADAM Partner 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

I would like to have an option to add some comments to a setting or setting definition. Something like the "TAG"-field, but this one should be free text.

And the contents of this comment field should be visible whenever one hovers over the setting or settingdefinition.

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Dear ADAM Partner,

Although there is no way to do this now, there might be something you can use right away and that might solve your problem at least partially.

Every setting definition has a "Help URL" property. There you can fill out a URL to a help page explaining what the setting is for. When changing the setting value, the setting value popup has a "Help" button. The "Help" button redirects to the "Help URL" property URL. In the location of your help URL you could provide an HTML page that explains your setting.

To give you an example, please go to the setting definition ".accountLockoutDuration". You'll find that the help URL is set to: ~/WebHelp/ADAMHelp_CSH.htm#SETTING_dot_accountLockoutDuration

When going to the system value of the setting ".accountLockoutDuration" you'll find a "Help" button. Clicking it will display the help page.

Although this is not a full answer to your question, I hope it might still help you out.

Best regards,