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Ivan Baulin 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 5

Dear ADAM team,

Could you support a possibility to customize Assets > File Uploads > View Uploads > Make Assets Public view: replace/override some items/controls please?

For example, our customers want to replace the classification selector in the left menu with another custom control which allows end users to select from some predefined sets of classifications (for multiple classifications consistency, since end users do not know all the classifications required) instead of selecting classifications one by one.

When a predefined classification set is selected on "Make Assets Public" page, our customers also want to have a possibility to hide some fields and fill predefined values in the other fields, and this configuration should work for this page only.

Best regards, 
Ivan Baulin

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Hi Ivan,

This is going to be a similar answer to the one on this request.

We no longer provide any controls for custom web development because we are moving towards a more platform agnostic API, which allows the developer to choose his preferred technology e.g. React+flux, ASP.net MVC, Angular etc. This move also means that we won't support customisation of our out of box UI controls, becuase that greatly complicates the upgrade path. 

As I read your request, your proposed solution is one we won't be planning, but if I understand the problem underneath correctly, we might offer solutions to in the future.

Can you confirm that the challenge you're facing is this:
The users who upload files to ADAM, don't have thorough knowledge about the data structure (classifications) in ADAM. They are typically content providers e.g. photographers, designers etc. who mainly contribute content, but don't know how to enrich the content to adhere to overall company guidelines. The content enrichment is done by a separate group of users (or systems), and are of no consequence to the contributor in relation to the task they are currently performing: adding file content to ADAM, and for this reason should not be presented to the contributor. 


Best regards,

Product Owner - ADAM Software

@Ida: this I want to have :-)

@Luc the custom controls, or a solution to the underlying problem? :P


We are currently doing work to improve the upload area and being able to present classifications in a more intuitive way for the user to make choices is part of what we would like to redesign. So some work on this is planned for the out-of-box. When it is more clear what we will be doing for which version I will change the status to started and provide more details.