MVC controls for edit metadata for re-usage on custom pages

Ivan Baulin 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2
Dear ADAM team,
Could you provide us with controls for edit metadata for re-usage on ASP.NET MVC custom pages please?

If we have a possibility to re-use different standard controls on ASP.NET MVC custom pages loaded from ADAM, this improves usability for end users since they can see the same or similar user interface as on standard ADAM pages for asset creation or update.
Our customers want to have UI controls on custom pages which are similar to ADAM UI, for example, different metadata editors: textboxes, dropdownlists for option lists, record link controls (with search for links in ADAM), and so on, including the Reset and Validate options.
Best regards,
Ivan Baulin

Hi Ivan,

We no longer provide any controls for custom web development because we are moving towards a more platform agnostic API, which allows the developer to choose his preferred technology e.g. React+flux, ASP.net MVC, Angular etc.

Best regards,

Product Owner - ADAM Software