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Dieter De Doncker 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Jan Francke 4 years ago 7

I frequently get the question how to customize the login page. Add texts, images, links, ... 

Currently, there's the option to customize the LoginInstruction via translations, set a background image via CSS.
With JavaScript you could change the HTML, but you risk to break backwards compatibility.
So it would be nice to have a more supported way of customizing the login page.

This wish never made it to the feature requests, so I'm creating this one with the goal to gather information about what is precisely wanted.
If you also need this configuration, vote for this feature request and describe in the comments what exactly you want to add to the login page.

Thank you

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The flow you implemented for de DLC is a start point to forward a request to your own custom registration page.

I also suggest to inject 1 css stylesheet that has the name of the assigned site name and is located at the end of all injected external css stylesheets…

This would make it possible to overwrite any styling by custom styling at a single location that would not be overwritten by an studio update.

The Central studio and it's logon page is a very small studio with very little functionality (2 pages: logon and landing page). Wouldn't it just be easier to create your own small custom studio to do all of this? That will allow you to add as much images, styling, ... as you'd like.

That's certainly true,… can you please provide me with a code sample? It would be greatly appreciated :-)

It is perhaps easy to create a custom studio from developer point-of-view. But it is not desired from maintenance point of view.

And it also add extra complexity during upgrades.

@AdamPartnerUnknown: But isn't that always the case with customizing any aspect of the UI in ADAM? I'm sure you have to combine all your customizations in 1 project… Wouldn't it be possible to look at the CentralStudio with this in mind?

I like the interactivity :) Indeed for this purpose, you can create a custom studio.

However, maybe we can avoid this with some simple added customization points.
So let's focus on getting those requirements here.

@Nik, if you would like to share some code, you're very welcome to do so in the forum "Sharing Expertise".

We would love to have this opportunity; we have made a significant amount of customisation to the logon page (see dam.arla.net) - currently done by adding custom javascript to the existing login.js script and adding the CSS to the existing login.css. This is of cause sub-optimal from a maintenance perspective....