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Chavi Markowitz 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

In order to prevent users from downloading, we are disabling the SelectRecord (check mark to select an asset record) for some users. We also make some other changes within the method call as overriding a method from this class gives us the opportunity to make some necessary changes.  We were informed that the SelectRecord class is not officially supported and could cause a backward compatibility issue.  We are requesting continued support of the SelectRecord class.



Assets security ordering

Hi Chavi,

It is unlikely that we will add the SelectRecord class to the public api. We are however looking into solution to allow splitting the the download rights from the read rights. Could you perhaps elaborate on your particular use case?

A few question to give you an idea what we would like to know:

What determines if a user has the right to download?
When having the right to download should a user be able to download everything, or only specific files and/or file versions?
Is the download rights generally tied to a specific classification, file type, user group or type of asset?
Is the download right a one time off right, or persistent?
Who manages these rights?


Ida Engmark

Product Owner

Hello Ida

If i may, i would like to chime in on your comments to Chavi. Chavi and i work together, and my role is as the senior digital assets management analyst, so in a sense, i act as the ADAM Product owner within our organization.

This topic of controlling asset downloads for various audiences has immense significance us, and so seeing an implementation if of great interest to us. We have many scenario's in which this control would be greatly desired, so a flexible solution is best. In our case, we could easily see the need to span from large swaths of assets to granular controls. This obviously introduces potential complexity in development. So, I will do my best to be succinct with my responses.

Determining Download Rights

My assumption here in this question is not so much technical, rather, protocol. In our case, the determination of download rights is predicated on which audience(s) are involved. This would seem to presume in ADAM terms that group memberships could be a driving determinate. But as i said, we could also see the need to be able to control this down to an individual level, though a rare occurrence.

Determining Download Scope

Here are some of the scenarios we would likely see

- Standard All Files

- Current Version, but no download rights to previous versions

- Previews Only with watermarks for images (though how to address non-images from a watermark perspective remains problematic)

Determining Download Rights Mechanism

In our case, all of the mentioned triggers could have application, classifications, user groups or file types

Determining Download Rights Persistence

Thus far, our needs are that of controlled persistence rather than single incident controls.

Determining Download Governance

In our case, the management would be tiered. Assets that are considered enterprise assets would be managed by the central IT office. But we also have separate Business Units which would have more narrowly focused requirements, so governance would fall to these groups, though in coordination and monitoring of corporate IT.


As i mentioned, this was intended to be succinct. But the reality is that our needs can be more complex. If you found value in having a more extended conversation, please feel free to reach out.







Thank you so much for the input you already provided Josh!

We're still in the information gathering process for this topic. But as soon as we start moving ahead on this topic I or one of my colleagues will very likely take you up on your offer and reach out.