Self registration page

Peter Klören 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 3

We have seen a few implementations now that require a possibility to allow new users to sign up to ADAM. After approval, these users can use ADAM.

The self registration page should request user name and email address and some optional additional metadata fields that are grouped in a special field group, like "contact person", "address" etc.

New created users should be linked to a special user group to prevent using the system until they are approved. Then it is easy to setup a rule to trigger the approval process.


UX security

Hi Peter,

It's certainly a common request which we may tackle one day, but currently it is not on our planning yet.


We had a lot of internal discussions lately on how far we would go implementing authentication functionality.
Its never going to be Aprimo's business to develop authentication technology and specific features. Today we would advise people to use an IDP (Identity provider) technology to cover this and connect this to Aprimo. This is possible today. Another solution is to add the self-registration page through custom configuration. Currently we have no plans to support a configurable registration page out-of-box.